Öztürkbay Coffee Roasters & Grinders

SINCE 1944

The leading brand in Coffee Roasting and Grinding Machines.

Who we are?


Between 1952 and 1979 second generation of Ozturk's has continued their operation with Mr. S.Zeki Ozturkbay as a head of our company. In 1979, with third generation Mr. Aksit Ozturkbay joining to the company, Ozturks's become a lieder in the industry and started to produce Coffee roasting and preparation equipment in addition to the product range.


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News From Us

News From Us
"World of Coffee Attens" Fair

As Öztürkbay, we are attending the World of Coffee Attens fair in this historical city in June 2023 to discover, connect, learn and grow.

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History of Coffee History
History of Coffee

Coffee is a tree in the genus Coffea of the Rubiaceae family and the drink made by mixing the powder obtained by roasting and grinding the fruit seeds of this tree with water or milk.

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